MTG Ikoria Online - Arena Tournament:

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MTG Ikoria Online - Arena Tournament:

Date: Friday, May 8th, 2020
Time: 2:00PM
Entry: $15.00
Player Cap: 16 Players
Format: MTG Arena Standard
There will be a 5 booster packs of Ikoria added to prizing per player in the event.
Number of rounds will be based on number of players.
Pay out to players with an X-1 or higher record.

Rounds will be 50 Minutes best of 3.
There will be no draws in the event, each match has to have a winner.

Sign up using the Link Below:

After paying your entry email with an image of your deck and Arena username.
Your deck has to follow the current Standard Format.

Untouchables Discord Server:

Please download MTG companion to view parings and report results from home.

*packs prizing will be available starting May 15th*
*Pack Prizing can be set up as either Curb Side Pick up or Shipped to the receiver*
*If shipped the receiver of the prize must cover shipping*