2018-19 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Platinum Hockey Hobby Box

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4 cards per pack, 20 packs per box


·        O-Pee-Chee Platinum hockey features a 200-card base set featuring 140 Active Veteran Players, 10 Retired Legends and 50 Marquee Rookies.
·        Grab the ultra rare Golden Treasures 1-of-1 parallel cards.
·        A set-builders dream – collect 8 levels of parallels, including:
o   Rainbow
o   Violet Pixels
o   Red Prism
o   Arctic Freeze
o   Seismic Gold
o   Orange Checkers
o   Emerald Surge
o   Golden Treasures
·        Look for on-card rookie autographs on dazzling platinum stock.
·        NEW LOOK! Find the popular O-Pee-Chee Platinum Retro Cards, including the all-new Houndstooth pattern parallel.
·        NEW! Collect an array of dazzling parallels, including the all-new Artic Freeze!
·        NEW! Look for new inserts, Net Magnets & The Future is Now, as well as the return of In Action! 

BOX BREAK (on average):
·        (6) Retro Variation cards
·        (5) Rainbow parallels
·        (2) Violet Pixel parallels
·        (2) Numbered parallels
·        (1) on-card autograph

·        Base Set Parallels 
o   Base Set & Marquee Rookies Golden Treasures Parallel - # 1 of 1
o   Base Set & Marquee Rookies Emerald Surge Parallel - # to 10
o   Hobby Exclusive: Base Set & Marquee Rookies Orange Checkers Parallel - # to 25
o   Base Set & Marquee Rookies Seismic Gold Parallel - # to 50
o   Base Set & Marquee Rookies Artic Freeze Parallel - # to 79
o   Base Set & Marquee Rookies Red Prism Parallel - # to 199
o   Base Set & Marquee Rookies Violet Pixels Parallel - 1:11
o   Base Set & Marquee Rookies Rainbow Parallel – 1:5
·        Rookie Autographs
o   Rookie Auto Golden Treasures Parallel - #’d 1-of-1
o   Rookie Auto Emerald Surge Parallel - #’d to 10
o   Hobby Exclusive Rookie Auto Orange Checkers Parallel - # to 15
o   Rookie Auto Seismic Gold Parallel - # to 25
o   Rookie Auto Red Prism Parallel - # to 50
o   Rookie Auto Violet Pixels - 1:440
o   Rookie Auto Rainbow Parallel - 1:165
o   Rookie Auto - 1:30
·        O-Pee-Chee Retro Hits
o   Platinum Retro - 1:4
o   Platinum Retro, Rainbow Parallel - 1:22
o   Platinum Retro, Blue Parallel - #’d to 149
o   Platinum Retro, Black & White Houndstooth Parallel - #’d to 25
o   Platinum Retro, Golden Tresures Rainbow Parallel - #’d 1-of-1
o   Platinum Retro, Veteran Red Auto Parallel - 1:300
o   Platinum Retro, Rookie Red Auto Parallel - 1:120
·        Inserts and Autographed Parallels
o   Net Magnets - 1:15 
o   Net Magnets Rainbow Auto Parallel - 1:1400 
o   The Future is Now - 1:22
o   The Future is Now Rainbow Auto Parallel - 1:1400
o   In Action - 1:27
o   In Action Auto Parallel - 1:650
o   FM1 & FM2 Base Set Printing Plates - #’d 1-of-1
·        Base Cards & Marquee Rookies 
o   150 Regular Cards
o   50 Marquee Cards