Zendikar Rising - Set Display Booster Box (Pre-Order Sept 25th, 2020)

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Slot 1—Art Card Slot

The art card is the first card of the Welcome chapter. Zendikar Rising Set Boosters will have 81 different art cards, and, five percent of the time, they'll include one with a gold-stamped signature of the artist.

Slot 2—Land Slot

Continuing the immersive experience of the Welcome chapter, the second slot highlights the card type that best shows off the world—lands. Zendikar Rising has full-art basic lands in this slot, and 15% of the time, it will be foil.

Slots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8—Connected Commons and Uncommons

In these six slots, each card has something to do with the card next to it—they have the same creature type, or the cards play well together, or they have some story element in common. Part of the fun of opening this section is trying to see what connection we've made.

Every Set Booster is guaranteed at least one uncommon in these six slots, but these six slots will range from five commons and one uncommon to zero commons and six uncommons.

Slot 9—Head-Turning Slot

Now we've ventured into the first slot of the Fireworks chapter. The goal of this chapter is to be splashy and exciting. You never quite know what might turn up here.

Slot 9 is always going to be a visually interesting card. For Zendikar Rising Set Boosters, that means you will get a common or uncommon that is either a showcase card or a card that's a cool element of the set that we haven't talked about yet.

Slot 10 and 11—Wildcard Rarity Slots

These two slots can be anything from common to mythic rare. It is possible to get showcase versions of rares and mythic rares in these slots.

The rarity of each slot is independent, so you have the potential to get two mythic rares here—in fact, just under one fourth of the time, you will open at least two rares or mythic rares just from the wild slots. We have yet another way to get an extra rare coming up.

Slot 12—Rare/Mythic Rare Slot

Now we venture into the Big Finish Chapter. This chapter is about guaranteed goodies.

The first slot here is your rare/mythic rare slot. This was the most exciting thing in the Draft Boosters, so we couldn't get rid of that!

Slot 13—Foil Slot

A lot of players enjoy foils, so we decided to just make a slot where you get a foil in every pack. This slot can be any rarity, so, this is another place where you can get a rare or mythic rare.

Slot 14—Token/Ad Card

These cards are like what you'd find in a Draft Booster 75% of the time.

But 25% of the time, instead of an ad or token card, you'll get a card from The List —300 interesting cards from anywhere in Magic’s past. They will be printed as they appeared (including art, frame, and expansion symbol) plus a small Planeswalker symbol in their lower-left corner.