Break #90 Opeechee Platinum

Join us for our online break on May 19th, 2020. It is going to be a big one exciting one!
We will be breaking nine boxes in total (3x 19-20 OPC Platinum, 3x 19-20 SPX and 3x SP Game Used).
The break will be streamed by Joe Colosimo and uploaded on youtube after the break. So that means if you miss the break, no worries catch it on youtube afterwards.
The break is $80 a spot with 15 spots in total. So that means you will be getting 2 teams per spot. Good odds on some great cards.
Untouchables Box Break # 90
Break is scheduled for May 19th 8pm
Double up 15 spots $80.00 (2 spots each)
9 boxes
3 x 2019-20 O-Pee-Chee Platinum
3 x 2019-20 SPx
3 X 2019-20 SP Game Used
Live on Breakers TV Milansoccer
Can’t be there live, don’t worry the video will be posted on Youtube 1313Milansoccer
Rules of the Box Break!
• The Teams will then be randomized 3 times
• The Buyers will then be randomized 3 times
• Team and buyer will lined up in excel. We will go through the list and open the box.
• All hits will be set aside and mailed out no commons.
• If an insert is pulled with 2 or 3 different players on it, those teams will be randomized to see who gets the card.
• Cards that have players featuring teams that no longer exist will go to the new team (i.e. Quebec will be Colorado, Old Winnipeg is Phoenix, Atlanta is Winnipeg etc..)
• Players with different team jerseys in the picture will be sent to the team whose logo appears on the card. So for example Halak if he is wearing a Montreal jersey in the picture but the logo on the card says St. Louis the card will be shipped to the owner of St. Louis.
• All Inserts, Rookies, Redemptions will be shipped. No base cards will be shipped.
Contact Joe for details
Text: 416-561-4432