Coronavirus (COVID-19) Steps and Safety Measures

We at Untouchables will always have the safety of our customers and community first.
With the announcements coming from the province and TCG Companies we will be taking additional measures.

March 18th – Until Further Notice:
• If you are sick, showing signs of cough, sore throat, fever, please stay home.
• Our event space will now be open with limited seating.
• All events will be cancelled until further notice.
• We will no longer be allowing customers to look through binders and boxes. Please be patient with staff as we assist customer with their card requests.
• Card lists over 20 Cards on your list Email with your request. We will email you back once we’ve gone through your list.
• Store will be operating at Normal hours until further notice.

In addition to the above our staff are regularly washing their hands, disinfecting phones and shared surfaces such as counters, tables and chairs.

Please note we will make another announcement as we continue to monitor the situation.

This is all being done in consideration for our customer’s and staff’s safety.

Please Stay Safe!
- Untouchables Management