Welcome Back to Gaming

Welcome Back to Gaming:

We would like to take this time to welcome everyone back to our play area
and events. With the full reopening there is some health & safety guidelines
that will need to be followed. All patrons are expected to respect the health & safety guidelines.

Gaming Area Health & Safety
 All patrons are expected to wear a mask at all times.
 Patrons need to maintain social distancing, 6ft., if possible.
 There is can only be a number of people at each set of tables based on the amount of chairs at that table, no crowding/Spectating.
 Food will not be allowed at the tables.
 Patrons must remain social distancing if they are taking their mask off
to drink.
 Starting September 22nd, 2021, patrons will be required to check in with a staff with their COVID Passport or vaccination receipts with a valid
piece of photo ID to use the space.

Use the link below if you need to look up your vaccination receipt:


Thank you to everyone for understanding and making this a safe space for everyone to be!