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2019 Panini Elements Football Hobby Box 

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Each Box of contains One On-Card Metal Autograph, One Acetate Autograph, One Memorabilia Card, and One Metal Base Card!

Elements Football returns for 2019 with more vibrant designs, more metal cards, and more on-card autographs!


BASE METAL: Chase Metal base cards of the top player@ Autos in the NFL. These cards feature a unique design and colorful photography. They are sure to be a hit.

- Base Metal - max #'d/75
- Base Gold - max #'d/25
- Base Cobalt - max #'d/10
- Base Platinum - one-of-one

ROOKIES COBALT: New for 2019, Rookies Metal features the top rookies on metal substrate. 
- Rookies Metal - max #'d/75
- Rookies Gold - max #'d/25
- Rookies Cobalt - max #'d/10
- Rookies Platinum - one-of-one

 Signature moments in NFL history are captured on metal with on-card autographs that will stand the test of time.

- Mettle Moments Signatures - max #'d/49

STEEL SIGNATURES: Steel Signatures features metal cards with bold on-card autographs of the best current and retired players the NFL has to offer.

- Steel Signatures - max #'d/149
- Gold Signatures - max #'d/50
- Platinum Signatures - one-of-one

RPS ROOKIE BLACK SIGNATURES: RPS Rookie Steel Signatures will showcase metal cards with on-card autographs of the top rookies in the 2019 NFL Draft.

- RPS Rookie Steel Signatures - max #'d/199
- RPS Rookie Gold Signatures - max #'d/50
- RPS Rookie Red Signatures - max #'d/25
- RPS Rookie Cobalt Signatures - max #'d/10
- RPS Rookie Black Signatures - max #'d/5
- RPS Rookie Platinum Signatures - one-of-one

ROOKIE NEON MATERIAL SIGNS SHIELDS: Rookie Neon Signs displays signatures on acetate pieces from the top 2019 rookies. Look for rare material versions!

- Rookie Neon Signs Orange - max #'d/199
- Rookie Neon Signs Blue - max #'d/125
- Rookie Neon Signs Red - max #'d/50
- Rookie Neon Signs Purple - max #'d/25
- Rookie Neon Signs Yellow - one-of-one
- Rookie Neon Material Signs Standard - max #'d/25
- Rookie Neon Material Signs Prime - max #'d/15
- Rookie Neon Material Signs Shield - one-of-one

NEON SIGNS TIER 1 RED: Neon Signs Tier 1 features a variety of current and retired star players.

- Neon Signs Tier 1 Orange - max #'d/125
- Neon Signs Tier 1 Blue - max #'d/50
- Neon Signs Tier 1 Red - max #'d/10
- Neon Signs Tier 1 Purple - max #'d/5
- Neon Signs Tier 1 Yellow - one-of-one


- Neon Signs Tier 2 Orange - max #'d/125
- Neon Signs Tier 2 Blue - max #'d/50
- Neon Signs Tier 2 Red - max #'d/10
- Neon Signs Tier 2 Purple - max #'d/5
- Neon Signs Tier 2 Yellow - one-of-one

ELEMENTS OF SUCCESS: Find multiple dual-swatch memorabilia cards, including Elements of Success, Opposing Elements, and Transitions Materials!

- Elements of Success - max #'d/199
- Elements of Success Gold - max #'d/99
- Elements of Success Black - one-of-one

1 Pack Per Box, 4 Cards Per Pack