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2019 Panini Gold Standard Football Hobby Box

Each Box contains Five Autographs or Memorabilia Cards and Two Base or Parallel Cards!

Gold Standard football returns and is loaded with all the top rookies, veterans and retired stars the NFL has to offer.

Look for Rookie Jersey Autographs of all the drafted 2019 Rookies, also find the short-printed Rookie Jersey Autographs Double and Rookie Jersey Autographs Triple, which feature multiple swatches and parallel to Prime (max #'d /49) and Tag (#'d 1/1).

New to Gold Standard in 2019 hunt for 10k and 24k Autographs, which highlight players that have gained more than 10,000, and 24,000 yard in their careers. These are max #'d to just 49 and parallel to Platinum (max #'d /10) and Black (#'d 1/1).

Chase the limited Super Bowl Diamond Signatures and the Super Bowl Diamond Signatures Duals, which include real diamonds embedded in each card and commemorate only players who have won the biggest game in the NFL.

Find memorabilia cards in Hall of Gold Threads, Gold Gear, Gold Rush, White Gold, Mother Lode, and Golden Pairs. Each of these cards parallel to prime versions (max #'d 49) and premium versions (#'d 1/1).


BASE: Chase a 200-card base set, which includes current NFL stars, Legends, and Rookies. Cards are #'d /99 and parallel to platinum #'d /75, Rose Gold #'d /25, Emerald #'d /10 and Black #'d 1/1. 
ROOKIE JERSEY AUTOGRAPHS DOUBLE: Look for Rookie Jersey Autographs, Rookie Jersey Autographs Double and Rookie Jersey Autographs Triple of all the top rookies from the 2019 NFL Draft these parallel to Prime versions max #'d /49 and Tag versions #'d 1/1.

ROOKIE JERSEY AUTOGRAPHS TRIPLE PRIME: Find the rare Rookie Jersey Autographs Triple Prime with 3 different prime piece of memorabilia and max #'d to only 49!

24K AUTOGRAPHS: 24k Autographs highlights only the players that have amassed over 24,000 yards or more over their careers. These are max #'d /49 and parallel to Platinum (#'d /10) and Black (#'d 1/1).

GOLD JACKET SIGNATURES: Putting on the Hall of Fame Gold Jacket is one of the greatest accomplishments a player can achieve, this moment is captured in Gold Jacket Signatures, which is max #'d /99 and parallels to Platinum (#'d /49) and Black (#'d 1/1).

GOLD STRIKE: Chase some of the best current and retired stars of the NFL in Gold Strike. Each card will feature an autograph and be #'d 99 or less, these parallel to Platinum (max #'d /49) and Black (#'d 1/1).

BULLION BRAND TAG SIGNATURES: Look for the one-of-a-kind Bullion Brand Tag Signatures, which features a laundry tag and autograph of the top names in the NFL.

SUPER BOWL DIAMOND SIGNATURES DUALS: Find the Super Bowl Diamond Signatures Duals, which showcase two autographs of Super Bowl Champions with an embedded diamond.

SUPER BOWL DIAMOND SIGNATURES: Super Bowl Diamond Signatures features a real diamond embedded in the card with an autograph from a Super Bowl Champion. Cards are max numbered to only 5 copies.

1 Pack Per Box, 7 Cards Per Pack