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4 Sets per Display

6 Displays per Case


5 new cards powering up previous set decks!

Cards that will power up Series 2 Vegito, Series 6 Boujack and many more!

Cards you already own will come back to use again!


Collector item in a limited print run.

Storage Box, Sleeves with 4 designs! Randomly included foil cards. These collector favorite items are in a limited print run!


Popular cards are back in Alt Art designs!

Cards from DRAFT BOX 04, and other popular cards that are essential in the new environment are included in Alt Art designs! Fans will definitely want to get there hands on these cards!


Exclusive New Leader card debut!

This card will fire up your "Destroyer Kings Deck" like never before! Complete your "Destroyer Kings deck" with the exclusive new leader, "Majin Buu"!


Special Anniversary Box 2020 contents:


Special Anniversary Set 2020 × 1set

35 new cards ×2cards=70 cards

normal / 35 types


Special Anniversary Pack 2020 × 2 packs

5 cards per pack × 2 packs=10 cards

*10 random new foil cards from 35 new cards

(from Special Anniversary Set)+1 new Leader card


Vault Power Pack 2020 × 4 packs

4 cards per pack × 4 =16 cards

*3 normal+1 silver foil & gold

/ 20 Alt Art cards in total


Set of Sleeves

4 types included randomly


Storage Box

4 types to collect.