Monday Night In-Store Commander 7:30 pm

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MTG Commander Night:
Date: Every Monday
Time: 7:30PM
Format: Multiplayer Commander
Entry: $3.00
Spots: 16 players
Registration Link: (reg. Starts 7:00PM the Day Before online)
1 ticket given out for matching the colour of the week, participating and each game won.
Three 50-Minute games are played each week. Remaining tickets will be split with those who have the most wins.

We follow the Regular MTG Commander Ban list without wish boards.
If a Player Goes Infinite in the first 25-Minutes, they will represent it and then remove themselves.
They still score a win but the remaining players will continue playing for a secondary winner.

Commander Tie Breakers:
When time is called finish the current turn rotation then compare breakers.
1. Highest Life Total
2. Most Permanents Controlled
3. Highest amount payed to cast a commander (including Commander Tax)
4. Most Commander Damage dealt during the game. (with a single commander not a pair)
5. Most Damage or Life Loss dealt by a single player to an oponent's Life Total in a single turn.

Event Reopening Policies: